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Team Sepi has a great deal of expertise with design and space planning. Our designers are here to help you design and help make your space fit your needs. Our services include: Renderings, Finish Selections and Construction Documents.


When you want to use your existing space more efficiently, or if you are a tenant who is required to do your own interior build-out, you might consider our space planning services. If you have an older facility which may need reorganization to accommodate new equipment, new work processes or simply a new look, again, you might consider our space planning services. If you have grown, downsized or simply re-organized, space planning, instead of relocating, might be an economical answer.


Our design consultant will work with you to block out interior spatial areas, define circulation patterns, and develop plans and layout for your furniture and equipment placement. We will look at your design parameters including your goals and priorities, your space allocation criteria, building codes, special needs access such as for the disabled, fixed building elements which might constrain the design, building systems interfaces, security and privacy issues and flexibility for accommodating future space needs.

Design and Space Planning Services, Miami, FL

Design and Space Planning - Tower of Key Biscyane Sitting Area, Miami, FL

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Key Benefits of the Service

Design & Space Planning can be an efficient, timely and cost-effective way of improving your current space without disrupting your clients, your employees, your brand, the familiarity of your clients with your location. It has the potential to bring more money into your pocket than the costs of the project.

  Refresh the look of your space
  Increase the productivity of your business
  Enhance the work environment for your employees
  Increase the attractiveness of your business to your clients
  Launch new product line or services
  Turnkey, from Design & Space Planning to Construction to final Painting

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